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Tips for Partnering with Students, Teachers, and School Community Stakeholders

The most successful lunchroom initiatives work because they are supported by stakeholders beyond just the lunchroom staff. These can include people within the school, such as teachers and students, and those in the wider community, such as parents, community organizations, and businesses. Each group brings a unique perspective as well as ideas, manpower, material support, or other methods of assisting your Smarter Lunchrooms initiatives in schools.

These 5 new resources provide targeted advice for reaching out to these diverse stakeholder groups and incorporating what kinds of assistance they are most often interested in sharing. By keying in on what each group has to offer and why they would wish to join your efforts, you can align their contributions with your needs.

It's also important to note that, because lunchroom atmosphere and connections to students and community are all elements of the Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard, incorporating these groups into your work in schools can raise any lunchroom's score! Encourage your lunchrooms to go for the Gold level!

These are the resource topics:

Teachers: Collaborate with teachers of many subject areas to create exciting, hands-on, real-world learning experiences for children of every grade level. Examples include core subject areas, nutrition education, research methods, art, social media, and A/V.

Students: Three different sheets show the many ways students of every age and ability level can contribute to the lunchroom, some projects even allowing students of different classes, schools, or abilities to work together:

Members of the wider school community: Involve school-based parent groups, community groups, businesses, and nonprofits in diverse ways related to their interests and capabilities.

Use these strategies to drum up grassroots-level support for your lunchroom initiatives. The widespread team spirit will give your lunchroom a high-interest boost and increase student awareness, both of which are great for promoting the lunchroom and its healthy options!