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Creative, Fun, and Descriptive Names

Giving menu items creative, descriptive names is one of the most efficient ways to increase sales in your lunchroom. It's cheap, easy, and effective-- what more could you ask for? Brainstorm fun names with kitchen staff, ask students to contribute their own unique ideas through a school- or class-wide naming competition, or take advantage of this handy list we've put together for you.

Tried and True




Unflavored Milk

Reimbursable Meals*

Big Bad Bandit Beans

“Orange” You Glad You’re Picking Fruit?

Bean And Cheese Burrito Blaster

Mickey’s Mighty Milk

All-Star Meal

Butter-Nutty Bites [Squash]

All-Mixed-Up Fruit Cup

Big Bad Bean Burrito

White Milk: Tooth Fairy’s Choice

Athlete’s Meal

Cauliflower Clouds

Apple Crunchers

Fish Sticks Of The Sea

Ice Cold White Milk

Lions’ Lunch

Celery Swords

Banana Man/Woman [Draw Faces W/Edible Markers]

Hakuna Matata Kahuna Dogs

Snowy White Milk

Panthers’ Choice

Crunchy Celery And Carrot Sticks

Banana Ramas

Kickin’ Chicken Nuggets

1% Creamy White Milk

Mighty Mammoth Meal

Farm-Fresh Tomatoes

Blueberry Bursts

Mama’s Marvelous Meatballs

1% Bone-protecting White Milk

The Chef's Feast

Farmer Joe’s Produce Party [Salad]

Crunchy Red Apples

New Orleans Chicken With Brown Rice

Dairy Fresh White Milk


Honey-Glazed Carrot Coins

Fiesta Fruit Salad

Say “Cheese” Sandwich

Real Cold Cow’s Milk


Krazy Kale

Juicy Nectarines

Super Tuna Noodles

1% White Moo Milk


Monster Mashed Potatoes

Kooky Kiwi Cups

Tuscan Tomato Pie


Peewee Green Peas

Mighty Melon


Pirate’s Pick Golden Corn

Outrageous Oranges


Popeye’s Pick [Spinach]

Perfectly Plump Peaches


Power-Packed Peas

Razzle Dazzle Berries


Protein-Packed Chickpeas

Rockin’ Raisins


Spicy Black Bean Bonanza

Snow White’s Applesauce


Succulent Summer Corn

Succulent Strawberries


Tasty Tiny Tree Tops [Broccoli]

Tangy Tangerines


X-Ray Vision Carrots

Tropical Produce Party [Fruit Salad]


Zesty Zucchini

Very Berry Medley


*Use your school mascot!


Alphabetical List of Descriptors

"Item Of The Week" Chilled Delightful Fermented Gooey
Aged Chunky Deluxe Fiery Grainy
All-Star Meal Cold Distinctive Filling Gritty
Amazing Colorful Divine Finger Licking Hearty
Appealing Complemented by… Down Home Fizzy Heavenly
Appetizing Cool Dynamite Flaky Homemade
Award Winning Crazy Elegant Flavorful Hot
Bitter Creamy Enticing Fluffy House-Made
Bittersweet Crispy Excellent Foamy Icy
Bright Crumbly Exquisite Fragrant Infused
Bubbling Crunchy Extraordinary Frosty Instant
Caramelized Dazzling Famous Full Bodied Intense
Chef's Special… Delectable Fantastic Gelatinous Jam-filled
Chewy Delicious Feature Glazed Juicy
Lean Nutty Room Temperature Smokey Tender
Light Ooey-Gooey Rubbery Smothered Terrific
Lip Smacking Outstanding Satisfying Sour Toasted/Toasty
Local Overpowering Saucy Special Velvety
Lukewarm Paired With… Sautéed Spicy Warm
Luscious Palatable Savory Spongy Watery
Made from Scratch Palate Pleasing Scalding Sticky Whipped
Marvelous Pickled Scrumptious Stringy Wild
Mashed Plain Seared Stuffed Wonderful
Meaty Pleasing Seasonal Favorite Superb Wow
Mellow Raw Seasoned Sweet Yeasty
Mild Refreshing Sharp Syrupy Yummy
Milky Rich Signature Tangy Zesty
Moist Ripe Silky Tantalizing Zingy
Mouthwatering Roasted Sizzling Tart  
Mushy Robust Sloppy Tasty  


So You’re Looking For…


Amazing Delightful Exquisite "Item of the Week" Palate Pleasing Superb
Appealing Deluxe Extraordinary Lip Smacking Paired With… Tantalizing
Appetizing Distinctive Fantastic Local Pleasing Tasty
Award Winning Divine Feature Luscious Satisfying Terrific
Chef's Special… Down Home Finger Licking Made From Scratch Scrumptious Wonderful
Complemented By Elegant Heavenly Marvelous Seasonal Favorite Yummy
Delectable Enticing Homemade Outstanding Signature  
Delicious Excellent House-Made Palatable Special  


Taste and Aroma

Aged Flavorful Mellow Savory Tangy
Bitter Fragrant Luscious Seared Tart
Bittersweet Full Bodied Odorless Seasoned Yeasty
Caramelized Hearty Heavy Overpowering Spicy Zesty
Delectable Intense Pickled Sweet  
Delicious Juicy Rich Sour  
Fermented Meaty Roasted Smokey  
Fiery Mild Sautéed Sharp  



Chewy Flaky Moist Syrupy
Chilled Fluffy Mushy Tender
Cool Gelatinous Rubbery Tough
Creamy Gooey Silky Velvety
Crispy Grainy Spongy Watery
Crumbly Gritty Sticky Whipped
Crunchy Mashed Stringy  



Chilled Frosty Lukewarm Scalding Warm
Cool Hot Refreshing Sizzling  
Cold Icy Room Temperature  Toasty/Toasted   



Bright Dynamite Saucy
Bubbling Foamy Smothered
Chunky Famous Wild
Colorful Glazed Wow
Crazy Mouthwatering  
Dazzling Ripe  



Carefully Generously Perfectly
Delicately Gently Subtly
Distinctly Gingerly Sweetly
Freshly Lavishly  
Fully Lightly  


Other Characteristics

Instant Light Sloppy
Infused Milky Stuffed
Lean Robust  
Jam-filled Plain