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Our experts, informed by school partners across the country, have developed tools and resources to help you effectively improve the school nutrition environment. The Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard is the nation’s premier tool for assessing and improving the use of evidence-based strategies in the lunchroom.  The 4 Step Path to Building a Smarter Lunchroom will walk you through the 4 simple steps to using more strategies that increase student consumption of healthy food.  Browse each resource below or download the most essential content in National Smarter Lunchrooms Handbook. 

60 simple, no-cost or low-cost strategies that lunchrooms can use to increase participation, improve consumption of healthy food, and reduce food waste.
There are 60 strategies on the Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard. Here are the details on why and how to use each one! The more strategies you implement, the more improvements in revenue, participation, and healthy eating you will see.
Giving menu items creative, descriptive names is one of the most efficient ways to increase sales in your lunchroom. It's cheap, easy, and effective-- what more could you ask for?
Dynamic, colorful signage beautifies the lunchroom and gets students excited about eating school meals!
An easy to follow path to ensure the cafeteria environment supports students in selecting and eating the healthiest foods available at school.
This handbook, provides schools with the knowledge, motivation, and support needed to build a lunchroom environment that makes the healthy choice the easy choice for all students.
Research proven methods that increase consumption of the healthy foods kids need. These strategies have been shown to decrease waste.
Healthy Food Choices in Schools is an free online resource developed and updated regularly thanks to the contributions of school meal program leaders and professionals from across the country.
We have identified 6 principles of behavioral economics that can be applied to the school lunchroom.
Incorporating Smarter Lunchrooms into a school district’s Wellness Policy ensures that all children in the district reap the benefits of Smarter Lunchrooms strategies.
Smarter Lunchrooms initiatives have taken off in states across the country! Smarter Lunchroom Pioneers have developed resources to enhance their efforts. This page is dedicated to featuring those resources and materials.
Smarter Mealtimes is an adaptation of the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement for the child care environment.