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Training Resource Library for TAPs!

Training Resource Library for TAPs!

Smarter Lunchrooms Movement (SLM) Technical Assistance Providers (TAPs) have a fantastic new resource library to assist with planning and presenting professional development! This could mean anything from a quick Introduction to Smarter Lunchrooms or a complete TAP certification training (restrictions apply). In pursuit of our goal of bringing the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement to every K-12 school in America, we at the SLM National Office have provided our certified TAPs with the same training materials we use at our annual Symposium and our trainings around the country. This will enable us to expand our program and ensure continuity of instruction. The lessons all qualify under USDA Professional Standards learning objective code 4160: Smarter Lunchrooms Techniques.

The resources are free and for use by current TAPs only. Accordingly, trainers may not charge for instruction, although they may be reimbursed for travel, printing, and materials costs. Please refer to the Rules of Use and Training Agenda document for details.

These resources are included:

  • Rules of Use and Training Agenda specifies parameters for use, a standardized training agenda with guidelines for personalization, requirements for certification and recertification, and guidance for Smarter lunchrooms state collaborative groups interested in leading a full TAP certification course
  • Scripted slide presentations include trainer’s notes, links to helpful webinars, and discussion questions
  • Interactive activities help guide content review, application, collaboration, and critical thinking
  • Pre- and Post- surveys for program evaluation

The resource library can be accessed here. You will need to be a certified TAP and have created an account on If you are a TAP and do not have an account, register here. You’ll need to include the day, location, trainer name(s), and other details of your TAP certification. If you are not yet a TAP and wish to complete TAP certification training, contact us for details. Be sure to then log in to our site to view content behind the TAP firewall such as the resource library.

If you were a TAP but it has been more than 36 months since your certification, you will need to renew your certification. This process is free, takes up to 4 self-paced hours, and is worth 3 continuing education units (CEUs) from the School Nutrition Association (SNA). It is explained in the Rules of Use and Training Agenda document. Contact us to learn more. 

We hope this long-awaited resource library makes sharing

the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement easy, fun, and effective!