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TAP Recertification

Good news!

Smarter Lunchrooms Technical Assistance Providers (TAPs) whose certification is nearing renewal have an easy, free way to new their credential and earn 3 CEUs from SNA!

TAP certification is valid for 36 months. Until now, that meant TAPs who were approaching the 3-year mark needed to complete a new training with Smarter Lunchrooms Movement National Office staff to stay current. This meant either traveling to the yearly symposium in Ithaca, NY or inviting SLM National Office staff to visit their state. Now, there is an easy way to recertify online – and it’s free! It also is worth three continuing education credits from the School Nutrition Association.

This option is only for renewing TAPs, now first time trainees. A renewing TAP must first take two self-paced online courses: Creating Smarter Lunchrooms and Using the Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard to Assess and Measure Impact. These take two hours and one hour, respectively. This coursework will ensure that familiarity with recent updates to our tools and best practices. They must then use these tools, including the 60 point Scorecard and online Scorecard Tracker, to complete a lunchroom observation and enter it online. Lastly, they must email proof of completion of these activities to the SLM National Office.

Our hope is that this option will make recertification accessible to all TAPs and help keep forward momentum going throughout the country!

TAPs can learn the complete details here. Contact with any questions.