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Research of the 2018 Smarter Lunchrooms Symposium

2018 Smarter Lunchrooms Symposium

The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement National Office is excited to share another resource set from this year’s Smarter Lunchrooms Symposium! This year’s program featured an entire day devoted to showcasing current research related to Smarter Lunchrooms strategies, both in the USA and abroad. Dr. David Just and Dr. Gnel Gabrielyan from the Cornell B.E.N. Center were joined by guest researchers from Georgia, Montana, and Florida. They shared slide presentations of their work and participated in a panel wherein they answered participants’ questions and discussed future research possibilities in the field. The day also included a poster session and the Free Resources Fair, which is now online!

The research showcase content is now also online at The slide presentations were recorded and subtitles were added. The slides (in PDF form) and video (in VOD form, video on demand) are ready to view. They are followed by the posters of the poster session (in PDF form).

Meet the researchers and learn more about the 2018 Smarter Lunchrooms Symposium

Also, don’t miss this special event! Dr. David Just, Cornell University economics professor and co-Director of the Cornell B.E.N. Center, and Adam Brumberg, Deputy Director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, will host a 30-minute webinar, Smarter Lunchrooms Research Showcase: Research from the 2018 Smarter Lunchrooms Symposium on Thursday, July 26 from 2:00-2:30 EST. Mark your calendars to join us! It will be presented through the Healthy Food Choices in Schools Community of Practice. It will be recorded.

We celebrate all research related to Smarter Lunchrooms. If you are interested in collaborating on a project, or if you have completed research and would like to share your work, please contact us!