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Free Resources Library and Webinar Library are Live!


Are you looking for gorgeous, age-appropriate signage for your lunchroom or daycare center? Or maybe training protocols for extension agents who are about to work with schools for the first time? Or strategies for reducing food waste? Or Spanish-language tools for caregivers of young children? All of these resources and much more are now available for free in our online resource library on! 

Resources from Pioneers houses the great free resources shared by our colleagues and partners from all parts of the country, plus direct links to tools and printed materials from the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement National Office. These were all part of the Free Resources Fair, which was a big hit at the 2018 Smarter Lunchrooms Symposium. Some resources are offered in Spanish. All resources are usable or adaptable for use in all 50 states, or can serve as inspiration for developing your own resources. Please credit the original resource authors, of course.

Resources are grouped into the following categories. A few sample resources are given here as examples. Visit the page to see them all!

  • Smarter Lunchrooms Techniques 
    • SLM Strategies Showcase Look Book (Jessica Gadomski, Univ. of IL extension)
    • Project BreakFAST Toolkit and Webinar (Univ. of Minnesota extension)
    • Taste Test Feedback Form (NSLP and NBP of Washington State)

  • Signage
    • Tasting Event Promotional Flyer (Maryland SNAP-Ed)
    • Meet the Lunchroom’s Staff Poster and Fun Fruit and Vegetable Names labels (NSLP and SBP of Washington State) 

  • Social Media
    • Smarter Lunchrooms Monthly Nudge (Smarter Lunchrooms-California)
    • Michigan Team Nutrition Youtube channel & video series, Facebook Page, and Twitter accounts (Michigan Team Nutrition)

  • Professional Development
    • Let’s Eat! – Engaging Students in Smarter Lunchrooms curriculum guide (Montana State University Food and Health Lab, Montana State University Extension Nutrition Education Program, and Montana Team Nutrition)
    • Massachusetts SLM Standard Operating Procedure (The John C. Stalker Institute for Food and Nutrition)
    • Ginny Mermel – Unsung Hero for Hungry Kids article (Julie Koerber, Yellowstone Valley Woman)

  • Smarter Mealtimes/Early Childhood Education (ECE)
    • Hip Hop to Health: Music and Activity Fun for Younger Children (U Chicago Illinois)
    • First 5 Riverside (Riverside County Children and Family Commission)

  • Nutritional Education
    • Lunchroom Detective Lesson Plans for Grades 5-8 (Michigan Team Nutrition)
    • Nutrition Education Resources (Dairy Council of California)

    • Waste Reduction
      • Food Too Good to Waste Implementation Toolkit (US Environmental Protection Agency)
      • Zero Waste Schools Slide Presentation (Seven Generations Ahead)

    A similar page with links to webinars from the Healthy Food Choices in Schools Community of Practice is also up and running. Webinars relate to these school food topics: Smarter Lunchrooms techniques, professional development, Smarter Mealtimes & early childhood education, nutrition education, waste reduction, and research.

    There’s also a catch-all category, “Potpourri,” for all of the other interesting webinars that did not fit neatly into any of the other categories.

    The resource library and webinar library will be updated frequently, so visit often and follow the Lunchroom Buzz for information on new content. We are still accepting submissions for consideration.

    If you have a free resource you’d like us to include in the library, please email us.

    If you would like to present a free webinar through the Community of Practice, or if you'd like to suggest a topic for a future webinar, please contact Karen Osborn.