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Feature School: South Fork Elementary School, Idaho


Before a Smarter Lunchroom Makeover, South Fork Elementary School offered only one type of fruit and it was served out of gray dish tubs.

South Fork Elementary School fruit choices before a Smarter Lunchrooms Makeover…

27% of students didn’t take a fruit with lunch and 30% of students who were taking fruit were throwing it away without even tasting it!  

The Changes

South Fork Elementary School began offering at least 2 fresh fruit choices and 2 canned fruit choices per day. Canned fruit was served in individual serving cups.  They added colorful fruit bowls at the beginning of the line ensuring they had fruit in at least two locations.

The Impact

Now on average only 5% of the students refuse fruit each day.  And the amount thrown away has dropped to an average of 15%. Fruit from the school lunch line is so popular that students who bring their lunch from home are also lining up for fruit!

Great work South Fork Elementary School!  You’re fruuuuitabulous!