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Feature District: Culver City Unified School District, California

CCUSD Students enjoying lunch
This month Smarter Lunchrooms is featuring not just one school, but a whole district!

Congratulations Julie and your entire team at the Culver City Unified School District for making simple, no cost improvements to the lunchroom in all 7 schools!

Serving over 6,500 students through 5 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school, Culver City Unified School District’s diligence and hard work made a big impact and increased their scorecard results to a whopping 76 out of 100! Kudos to you!

Signage makes it crystal clear how students can build a complete meal

CCUSD installed new electronic signage that not only feature their breakfast and lunch menus, but also feature student activities and highlight the importance of eating healthy and playing safe and smart. As well as adding new custom designed posters of vegetables and fruits with slogans that promote healthful eating, displayed in all cafeterias across the district. Great work on improving your lunchroom atmosphere!

They are also taking measures to increase student involvement by partnering with high school and middle school students to create recipes using vegetables and herbs grown in their school garden that will be incorporated into the school menus.

These CCUSD students love whole foods from the lunchroom!

Furthermore, CCUSD is connecting with their school community by participating in the Farm to School program. They purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from local vendors to be served at all their schools, and make the effort to display fruits in beautiful and attractive baskets!

Keep up the fantastic work, Culver City Unified School District!