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The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement

The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement is dedicated to providing schools with the knowledge, motivation, and resources needed to build a lunchroom environment that makes healthy food choices the easy choice.

The Movement brings evidence from the fields of economics, marketing, and psychology into the school cafeteria.  Smarter Lunchrooms strategies are free or low-cost solutions that nudge students to voluntarily select the healthiest food in the lunchroom.  Smarter Lunchrooms can see less waste, higher participation, more satisfied students, and increased consumption of important nutrient-rich foods.


Cornell University professors Dr. David Just and Dr. Brian Wansink are leading experts in the science of consumer behavior and food psychology.  In 2009, they began examining how principles of behavioral economics -- the study of how the social and physical environment influences decision-making -- can influence students’ food selection and consumption in school cafeterias. They partnered with elementary, middle, and high schools to field-test behavioral economics strategies in school lunchrooms to create healthy defaults for kids.  In 2010, Drs. Just and Wansink established The Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs (the B.E.N. Center) with funding from USDA FNS/ERS.  The B.E.N. Center continues to conduct and support innovative research that applies principles of behavioral economics in order to discover strategies that improve children’s food choices in schools.  

The B.E.N. Center is home of the Smarter Lunchrooms National Office, which brings strategies supported by Wansink and Just’s research to schools nationwide. The National Office provides tools, training, and support to educational, extension, and community groups who apply Smarter Lunchrooms strategies in school lunchrooms, creating environments that “nudge” students towards better nutrition and improved overall health.

Various national initiatives recognize Smarter Lunchrooms as an effective way to achieve environmental change in school cafeterias.  See the Partnerships page to find out more.

Meet the Smarter Lunchrooms National office team!
The Smarter Lunchrooms National Office is located at The Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics, which is funded in part by U.S.D.A. E.R.S/F.N.S grant 59-5000-5-0110.
The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement applies research-based principles that lead children to make healthy choices when provided with the full spectrum of choice.
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National partner organizations that share the Smarter Lunchrooms vision to improve school nutrition environments.